Management Team

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  • Bishoi Botros
    Sales Manager

  • Matt Jordan
    Sales Manager

    "Originally from Florida. I enjoy time with my family. When I'm not at work I also enjoy warm places with sunshine, and exercises such as running, mountain biking, swimming, and hot yoga."

  • Grace Whitten
    Financial Services Manager

    The excitement of being a part of someone buying their dream car, or finding a new family vehicle for their newest addition is a very special thing to be apart of.

    I came to Heritage Honda so that I could continue to grow and learn the industry, while giving our clients the best service possible.

  • Megan Milley
    Financial Services Manager

    I have a high attention to detail and I'm dedicated to transparency and honesty not only in my work, but in my personal life as well. 

    Life is about appreciating the small things!

  • Michael Hoang
    Service Manager

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